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Kimchi39's Marriage proposal story from New York and Seoul

Posted by 김치군
2010.11.21 17:42 이런저런/나의 문화 생활

*Please understand my limited level of English.

I was in New York in July and on 100 days road trip all around US.

So, my girl friend had to be alone for 100 days and I always felt sorry about that. We've been almost 2 years and I was thinking about a marriage. During 3 days in New York, I prepared a small project for a marriage proposal. At the first time of the project, there was lack of ideas. I don't want to do a tipical proposal such as making a heart with candles or having dinner in a special restaurants.

I know they are good examples of proposal, but I really wanted to do something special from my heart.

My girl friend likes to be quite places and doesn't like be surrounded by lots of people in busy places like Times Square. Then I remembered that I saw a post about getting 100 messages from new-york for his friend's marriage on the internet. It was Dailyeyes's idea. I thought it was really great idea and can be used for my proposal. So, I started my own "100 messages for my marriage proposal."

The first place I went was staples because I had to buy a dry-erase board, markers and eraser. Fortunately, there was a staples near my hotel.

There were many size of dry-erase boards..

and I bought 11x17 inch dry-erase board. This board seems to be good to hold by one hand and proper to be hold in the picture with message.

also bought markers and eraser. This was the first step and it was hard. I just needed to buy some items. Only spent $25 and it was quite cheap for my proposal project.

My concept was "100 messages from 100 people.", but people were not alone. They were with their friends, family, wife, husband and so on. So, I changed my concept to "100 messages from New York.". I've met a lot of people like couples, dilivery guy from domino pizza, hotel concierge, street stall seller, NYPD, performers.

When I started it, it wasn't easy. Asking people to write any message was quite hard job to do and I was too shy. I was doing this for my love, talking to strangers was tough. That's why I was lack of confidence. When I walk towards people with the board, people said "No." without listening to my story. I thought "Is it impossible thing to do?"

However, I got a message from one couple, I realized how to start my story and aprroace people. After then, 9 out of 10 people gradly wrote message for my girl friend. It was really thankful. Some people wrote in there language, but it was ok. The message just need to be for my girl friend.

Messages are mostly in English, but there were also French, Spansish, Portuguese, German and so on. After I recieved a message on the board, I took a picture with their consent. To take a one picture, it took at least 10 mins because I needed to say my story and they needed to wrote something with their idea. I also wanted to get messages from lots of places in New York. So, I took 3 days to finish the job.

I met lots of people in Times Square, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Soho Street, Statue of liberty, Grand Central Station. the messages of congraturations and sayings were really greatful and appreciated. At this moment, there is nothing I can do for them, but this story can show what they helped me on this project. If anybody of them saw this post, please let me know. The moment that you share with me was one of my happy time in my life.

You can see some of 100 pictures below.

# Guys from Iceland

# I liked her message

# We will be happy

# Yes, she had me at "Hello"

# I can see the married life is beautiful

# that's why i'm doing it

# Messages from Times Square

# I liked their smile

# Message from Russian friends

# Yes, I love her!

# They were really happy to write a message

# I think so :-)

# I want to be adorable

# Say hell? YES? ;-)

# restaurant receptionist

# Spiderman from New York

# Concierges in Grand Hyatt New York

# message from Central Park

# I liked her smile ;-)

# She is a lucky lady.

# they asked 5 mins to think about

# they also wish to be success..


And, 18th of Nov,

Time to do a marriage proposal.

I needed to find a place to do it.

I was looking for a place that I can use it as a gallary, but it was hard to find. Cafes are too noisy and have small space to hang my pictures. I've searched for few days and finally find a good place to do it. It was W hotel seoul. The studio suite room has long white wall and it looked good for display my pictures. That why I chose this place.

There also has a big PDP TV in front of a round bed. It was perfect setting to show my proposal video to her. However, the problem was it was a suite room and expensive. Normally, this room was over $400 and it was hard to afford. Fortunately, I was a platinum member of SPG, and it was confirmed upgrading room to suite with a reservation of standard room. W hotel concierges were really helpful for my project.

I printed my picture in many sizes. 15x10, 12x8 and 4x6. If all of them were too small, she weren't able to notice the messages. So, I dicided to print in big sizes for 30 out of 100. Then, it became much easier to see the messages from people of New York.

The day I planed a marriage proposal was our 2 years anniversary. So, I told her I will be busy during a day and how about having a dinner at night. Then, I made a reservation at 7:00 pm for the restaurant on the first floor. This hotel was quite close to her home and we had dinner few times before. So, it is quite familiar place to us.

I went to the hotel at 3 pm for preparing everything and she thought I was in work. There were no candles and balloons, but 100 picture needed to be placed everywhere in the room.

First, I made a heart with pictures.

On the long wall, I displayed most of pictures. When we came to the room, it shouldn't look like wired and it worked ok. It was really simple display, but it was my best.

I also put some places in hotel so that she can find them after my proposal. This was also worked great. Since I can't change any hotel's interior, I just lean pictures on the wall and places.

I also connected my MID to the TV using S-VIDEO to show her my proposal video.

Then, I went to the restaurant and had dinner seems like the dinner is everything. After the dinner, I told her I prepared something for you in the room, but didn't mention it was a merriage proposal. She showed a curious face, but didn't expecte it.

When we came to the room and turn on the light, she thought the pictures were the interior of the hotel. Then, I hold her hand and show her my marriage proposal video. I was not good at making a video so I spent 2 days to finish it.

After the video was ended, I told her,

"I will love you until these roses are wilted,
Would you marry me?"

one of the roses is an artificial flower that never wilt and means "I will love you forever."


Maybe, this was not a proposal with a shiny ring.
But, this was truly love-hearted proposal
with more than 100 people's message from New York.


She said, "YES".


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    • Chloë
    • 2010.12.02 18:39 신고
    ooh so sweet ^^ congratulations !!!
    I hope you 2 will have a long and happy life togetter
  2. 김치군님 정말 멋진 프로프즈를 하셨군요. 이거 와이프한테 보여줬다간 너무 부러워할 것 같아서 안보여줘야겠습니다. 간만에 블로그에서 멋진 프로프즈 스토리를 접하게 되서 정말 기분이 좋네요~
    • 정말 감사합니다 ^^ ㅎㅎ

      이미 퍼질대로 퍼지긴 했지만..

      그래도 기억에 많이 남기를 바라고 있어요. ㅎ
    • Newf
    • 2010.12.02 22:25 신고
    What a grand gesture! And all in English! haha I hope she appreciates all the effort. Congrats!
    • I know there are lots of mistakes.

      but, I'm happy that I can share my story with others.
  3. What a truely expressive piece - you're an artist at heart - and thanks for making your love real to so many people - the world needs more of us!
    • I think so!

      I also love to read lots of stories like mine.
  4. Wow~you're so romantic! Do you have an older brother? J/K!! I hope I can meet someone as sweet as you some day. Congratulations!
    • I know you will find someone who will always loves you. ;-)
    • 상희...
    • 2010.12.05 15:31 신고
    눈물이 핑 돌 정도로 부럽고 사랑스럽습니다...많이 많이 행복한...이쁜커플 이네요...정말 부러워요!
    • Mary
    • 2010.12.09 10:42 신고
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. It totally made my day.
    • phil
    • 2010.12.12 19:51 신고
    캬~정말 로맨스 영화 클라이막스로 넣어도 손색없을만큼 감동적이네요:)

    두분 언제까지나 행복하세요, 언제나 기도하겠습니다!!
    • smilehyun9
    • 2010.12.12 20:13 신고
    우와~!!! 상구형

    형수님 완전 감동하셨겠는데??

    나 이거 민경이 안보여줄꺼야 ㅎㅎ 나중에 비교당하면 어떻게해 ㅋㅋ

    형수님 이번 설날에 뵐 수 있는거야? 빨리 뵙고싶구만~

    형 프로포즈 정말 완전 감동이었어~ 멋있다~

    평생 행복해야돼 형~
    • 아마..

      어느 루튼가를 통해서 봣을지도 ㅋㅋ
    • happyday
    • 2010.12.12 20:45 신고
    It`s just like a movie,:-)
  5. 다음 tv팟에서 이거 봤어요^^

  6. 네이버에서 봤어요.
    제가 알고있던 김치군님의 이야기라 어찌나 반갑던지...
    정말 행복한 프로포즈 같아요....남아있는 미혼남들에게 부담만 팍팍 주셨다는...ㅋㅋㅋ
    부럽습니다. 프로포즈 받은 그분이... 행복하시고 좋은 사진 계속 기대할게요.
    • 네이버에서도 뉴스가 떴었더라구요 ^^..

      ㅎㅎ.. 아고, 남아있는 미혼남 분들은..

      더 잘하실거에요 ㅋㅋ
  7. OMG! this is sooo sweet !
    with such a proposal she had to say YES!
    Congratulations for the wedding, and hopefully your life will be happy forever
    From Montreal- Canada
    • Thanks a lot.

      Last year, I've been to Montreal two times.

      In my memory, the city was really beautiful ;-)
    • Mich
    • 2010.12.29 15:30 신고
    I LOVE LOVE THIS! This is the sweetest proposal ever, and I feel like I have a moral obligation to pass it along! Just sent it to everybody I know! You totally made my day! :) Congrats on the engagement!
    • A. Nalia
    • 2010.12.29 15:33 신고
    This is the sweetest, most adorable proposal--aside from your fiance, I think I may be your biggest fan!!!! Congratulations; I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.
    I LOVE THIS PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Wow~ 아이디어가 굉장하시군요.
    아마 이거 보고 많이들 따라하시지 않을까 싶습니다.ㅋ
  9. 와...멋지네요!!!

    This is totallly awesome!!

    I hope you two are very happy together for ever and ever.

  10. 안녕하세요 김치군님!! 저는 김치군님의 블로그를 눈팅만 한지 일년정도 되는데 이렇게 댓글을 남겨보는건 처음입니다ㅋ
    제가 이번 유럽여행을 다녀오면서 김치군님의 위 아이디어를 이용하여 여자친구 생일 선물을 해줬는데요, 결과는 대성공이었습니다.
    김치군 행님의 블로그는 여행부터 연애까지 다방면으로 많은 도움이 되네요, 저도 김치군님처럼 블로그를 남기고 싶지만, 제 블로그를 봐줄 사람이 없어서 슬프네요ㅠㅠ 뭐 귀찮기두 하구요

    제가 한 이벤트는 프로포즈같은 거창한건 아니구요. 생일축하메세지를 120명한테 받은건데요(여자친구 생일이 1월 20일이라 ㅋ), 제가 준비한 이벤트를 보자마자 여자친구가 눈물을 뚝뚝 흘리더라구요.
    무엇보다 좋았던것은 여자친구가 저 유럽여행간다구해서 명품빽같은 학생의 신분에 적합하지 않은 선물을 바라고있었는데 그 기대치를 저비용의 선물로 퉁 칠 수 있었다는거 ㅋㅋ (저만 그렇게 생각하고 있는걸까요??)

    암튼 제 유투브 영상 보여드릴게요 ㅋㅋ window movie maker로 만들었구요
    espanol, polish, italy 는 타이핑이 짜증나서 못하겠더라구요 blah blah 로 처리 ㅋㅋ
    화이트보드는 한국에서 준비해갔구요(알바하는곳에서 화이트보드 짤라감 ㅋ, 너무 커서 London hackney 주변 목공소에서 짤라달라고함 ㅋㅋ)

    유럽 이곳저곳 돌아다니면서 생일을 맞이할 제 여친에게 아무글이나 적어달라고 부탁할때 정말 쪽팔리더라구요. 제딴엔 유럽은 막연히 친절할 거라는 생각을 했었는데, 추우니까 다 그런건 아니더라구요 ㅋㅋㅋ 생각해보면 5명에 한명꼴로 거절을 하더라구요. 한번 거절 당하면 다시 부탁하는게 너무 힘들더라구요. 힘이 빠지구 쥐구멍이라도 숨고싶고, (저도 너무 추워서 힘들더라구요. 이벤트하실분은 여름에!!)
    주로 거절했던 메쎄지가
    Write my own message to whom I've never seen??
    No I don't have a time.
    It's idiot. you'd better give a present.
    why should I do??
    I have never seen your girlfriend.

    사진찍는걸 거부하시는분들도 많았습니다.

    혼자 여행다녔는데 이벤트때문에 많은사람과 말걸 수 있는 기회가 생겼습니다
  11. the sweetest marriage proposal ever. hope god bless your marriage and wish you having a great life with your wife :))
    • maria
    • 2011.03.30 12:00 신고
    wooooooooooo~! it's grate x 10,000
    김치양과 행복한 결혼 생활이 안봐도 비됴, 아들어도 오됴네요.
    메일로 늘상 편히 받아 먹는 블로그 소식..고마워요.
    이 글은 왜 오늘 눈에 띄었는지..네이버든 다음이든 보았다고 한 사람도 있는걸 보니 격세지감인가?

    올만에 덕분에 영어 리딩도 해보고 직독직해도 해보고 참````여러모로 일석다조야요.
    보는 사람도 읽는 사람도 설레이게하는 사진과 글이네요.
    증~~~말 대단하십니다.